Music and art

Official closing of exhibition and musical performances.

On 7th October was held the official closing of the exhibition of the famous Antonia Duende - art prints "A love confession" with the special participation of Boyana Zhelyazkova and Yasen Obretenov who contributed to the cozy atmosphere of the evening with their musical performances.

During the event, MWAH’s guests had the opportunity to experience art not only visualizing it with the paintings of the artist Antonia Duende, but recreating it through the music of talented Boyana Zhelyazkova in accompaniment with Yasen Obretenov.

On the evening of 7th October 2016, two arts are intertwined in one and showed us ... the beautiful side of the life.


More about the art of the artist Antonia Duende, can be found here: