Salads 300 g.

Tuna salad - 9.90

/tuna, croutons, cherry tomatoes, rocket and seasonal leaves bound with a garlic and parsley dressing topped with parmesan shavings/

Toasted goats cheese salad - 9.50

/with rocket, walnuts, beetroot, tagliatelle of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, with mustard dressing, honey and balsamic reduction/

Caprese salad - 8.50

/traditional Italian Salad with fresh basil and extra Virgin Olive oil/

Toasted white cheese salad - 8.50

/with rocket, beetroot, tagliatelle of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, with mustard dressing and balsamic reduction/

Chicken Caesar salad - 10.20

/with seasonal leaves, croutons cashew nuts, Caesar dressing, warm chicken and parmesan shavings/

Avocado with tomato and pesto - 8.20

/topped with roasted cashew nuts and parsley/

Bacon Caesar salad - 10.20

/with seasonal leaves, croutons, cashews nuts, Caesar dressing, crispy bacon and parmesan shavings/

Green salad with avocado and marinated peppers - 9.50

/seasonal leaves with a honey and mustard dressing,topped with sliced avocado and marinated peppers/


Foie Gras 280 g. - 17.80

/Foie Gras flamed with Armagnac and caramelized apples/

Sauté Prawns with chili and garlic 180 g. - 12.00

/with olive oil and parsley/

Baked Camembert cheese 150 g. - 10.50

/baked with honey and walnuts/

Louisiana Hot Wings 450 g. - 13.50

/served with white cheese dip and celery/

Bruschetta with olive paste, pesto and blue cheese 300 g. - 8.50

Pickled red peppers with anchovies 300 g. - 8.50

/served on chopped up French bread/

Potatoes wedges 300 g. - 6.00

Soup of the day 300 g. - 4.50

/ask your waiter/


Hummus with bread stick (2 pieces) 200 g. - 6.50

Guacamole with bread sticks (2 pieces) 200 g. - 9.50

Portion of olives 70 g. - 3.20

Main Courses

Irish sausages and Mash 400 g. - 10.00

/Irish sausages served with creamed potatoes and Gravy sauce/

Chicken Enchiladas with potato wedges 350 g. - 12.50

/mildly spiced tomato and Mexican oregano sauce, with tortilla burritos and melted cheddar cheese/

Chicken tenders and potato wedges 400 g. - 10.50

/deep fried and served with a Mary rose sauce/

Fish and Chips in beer batter 400 g. - 20.50

/served with potato wedges, green peas and tartar sauce/

Pork Chop 500 g. - 16.50

/grilled pork chop served with creamed potatoes/

Chicken curry Madras 380 g. - 15.50

/traditional Indian style sauce with cumin, garlic and fresh green chilies, mustard seeds, served with Basmati rice/

Pepper steak 300 g. - 19.50

/served with mixed salad/

Pan-fried Irish Rib eye steak 350 g. - 36.00

/accompanied by sauté onions, mushroom sauce and potato wedges/

Vegetarian pasta 320 g. - 8.50

/with cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, rocket, white wine and cream sauce/

Burger MWAH 450 g. - 15.90

/with beef, avocado, tomato, green salad and blue cheese with homemade potato wedges/

Cheese Burger 400 g. - 14.90

/with beef, melted Irish cheddar cheese, salad and tomato on a homemade bun with potato wedges/


French cheese with blueberry jam 150 g. - 11.50

Mixed platter 300 g. - 26.00

/French cheese 150 g. and Italian sausages 150 g./


Guinness soda bread (alc) 150 g. – 2.20

Bread sticks (homemade) 100 g. – 1.50


Dessert of the day 120 g. - 6.50

(ask your waiter)

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