Art exhibition

The evening of 14th December, 2016 held the official opening of the art exhibition … or “Everything about the art” through the eye of 8 artists, featured on canvases, through a lens and collages.

MWAH's guests had the opportunity to enjoy the influential art works, found acclaim both - at home and on the world art scene.

From 14.12.2016 to 15.01.2017 MWAH’s visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the art of every one of following artists, known for its unique conceptual approach, visual and artistic "language", with different in their specifics forms of artistic thinking, united in one - the art:

Orlin Atanassov

Svetlozar Zahariev

prof.Ivan Gazdov

проф.Иван Газдов

Elina Ninova

Antonia Duende

Ivaylo Ninov

Milena Ioitch

All exhibited paintings can be purchased in wine bar MWAH.