Exhibition “Colorful impresses”


Art with fingers!


Drawing with fingers is something, which you sink in and turn off for the world. The feeling, which paint brings on your hand can’t be described, but just feel it. Over time I learned how to touch the canvas to get the form I want. For the classical painting can be purchased many different brushes – flat, round, hard of soft and etc. Only 10 "brushes" are available for finger painting, with approximately the same shape and thickness - the fingers. That is why drawing with fingers for me is a challenge that gives me pleasure. "- so the artist Stanislava Dimitrova describes her art.

From 19th January 2019 to 15th March 2019 MWAH’s visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy of an extraordinary art of the talented artist Stanislava Dimitrova.

Come and enjoy the scenic landscapes of Stanislava Dimitrova.
All exhibited paintings can be purchased at wine bar MWAH!
Stanislava Dimitrova was born in Varna but lives and works in Sofia. She has graduated Mathematical High School and later also defended a Masters in Economics.

Almost the entire professional career has gone into the banking sphere and continues to work until today. Finger painting initially appears to be her favorite hobby and her first painting is drawn 15 years ago after a difficult period in her life, which is a reason to rediscover herself and her talent.

The main engine of her creativity, than her "10 brushes", is her will and fantasy. She believes that every painting has an own energy and charge and brings her mood to the canvas. Her dream is for a world with more smiling faces, with more optimism in life and thinks that with her paintings can do the day better for at least one person.